Jason’s legislative background and experience as an environmental counselor givegrant him in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of water rights, land rights, and environmental issues. Jason believes that an understanding of natural resource rights benefits Texans, governmental officials and businesses alike — which is why he offers small group education on any of the below topics.

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Jason is also available for larger speaking engagements, including industry conferences. At the end of the day, Jason’s goal is to help individuals, businesses, and governmental entities understand and protect their natural resource and property rights.


Water Law Policy Governance: Surface and Groundwater

Overview of Water Law Policy for those interested in learning how surface and groundwater rights are applied. I provide a number of real-world examples so that individuals and businesses understand how these policies should influence their decision making.

Water Rights Transactions: Commercial Real Estate

Water rights can have a major impact on landowners and business owners as they prepare to buy or sell commercial real estate. In a group setting, I will break down the major considerations to help ensure that property rights are protected and fair compensation is given throughout the transaction.

Public Policy Development: Environmental Issues

As one can imagine, any scenario involving a term as broad as “environmental issues” is bound to have its complexities. My role as a natural resource advisor is to help involved parties understand what considerations are at play and how they influence public policy.



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